12-Year-Old Helps Deliver Her Baby Brother, And 'It Was The Best Moment Of Her Life'

The emotions on her face say it all.

Twelve-year-old Jacee Dellapena had the experience of a lifetime when her mother's OB-GYN invited her to suit up and deliver her 7-pound, 6-ounce baby brother, Cayson Carraway. The event occurred in a Jackson, Mississippi hospital after Jacee started to cry when she thought she was going to miss the delivery because she was "too short," according to MS News Now.  

It was especially important to Jacee  to be present because she had missed the birth of her middle brother Zadyn, 18 months ago. Her mother and stepfather, Zack, thought she wasn't mature enough to be in the delivery room at that time. 

Jacee's tears prompted Dr. Wolf to ask mom-to-be, Dede Carraway, if it would be OK if her daughter helped deliver the baby with the assistance of the physician and nurses.

Dr. Wolf physically guided Jacee through the whole process. "I actually, like delivered him. Like, he let me actually push down and pull the baby out ..." Jacee told the publication. "I was like, 'Wow.'  I've played fake doctor before, but this is, like, the real thing. This is is the real deal." 

Jacee even later got to cut the umbilical cord. 

"I was nervous that I was gonna mess up or tear her or something, but it was the best moment of my life," Jacee said in the video below.

Photos of the event were posted on Facebook by a family friend named Nikki Smith, who told A Plus, "I have my fan page with my followers and I knew instantly when I saw [the photos], they needed to be seen." The images were then reposted to the Love What Matters Facebook page, where they received over 41,000 likes. 

"Although the pain from the contractions and the pushing hurt me so bad ... watching Jacee's expressions on her face was like no other," Dede wrote in a post for Love What Matters. "Concentrating on her face while I pushed helped me so much! ... We were all very emotional and it was like no feeling I've ever felt. it's not every day your eldest child at 12 years old gets to deliver your last child." 

Since the birth the family has been settling in at home and enjoying the media attention. Dede told A Plus that she has been acting like Jacee's "little agent," and that she is excited to read the stories coming out about her.

Ever since she could pick a career Jacee wanted to be a veterinarian, Dede told A Plus, but her plans have since changed to becoming an OB-GYN. 

With this kind of enthusiasm, and experience starting at such a young age, we are sure she will make an incredible doctor!

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