12 Women I'd Aspire To Be If I Weren't A Man

When it comes to women, there are some that have set themselves apart from the pack.

I love women.

And I don't just mean the ones that love me back, like my mom or aunts or cousins or girlfriend. I love a wide and eclectic group of women; women who make me laugh, women who overcome odds, women who don't "act like women," and even some women who'd probably hate me if they ever met me.

But it's the women who are doing some pretty boss things in this world that have especially earned a place of envy in my heart. And, if given the chance, I would swap places with these incredible human beings immediately.

1. Queen B


Because let's be real: Beyonce is owning it for all women right now. She's a mother, a rockstar, and in her "free time" she gets to casually hangout with Jay-Z.

2. Ellen Degeneres


I know she looks surprised, but she shouldn't be. TV host? Check. Champion of the LGBT community? Check. Loved by the general public? Check. Host of the Oscars? Check. Selfie queen? Check. Smoking hot wife? Check. And mate.

3. Queen Elizabeth

New York Magazine

Look at that grace, that power, that outfit. Beyonce might be Queen B, but Elizabeth is the Queen of England... which basically makes her the only Queen. Plus, she has her own horses. That'd be awesome.

4. Arianna Huffington


You know you've made it when you can upload a GIF of yourself climbing through your published books. As someone who had the honor of working for Ms. Huffington, I can truly say she practices what she preaches. If you're looking for a role model, someone who paved her own way and left a wake of history behind her, Arianna Huffington is a good person to look up to. Plus, she takes care of her mind and body.

5. Amy Poehler


If I could get stuck in an elevator with one person in the world, Amy Poehler might be that person. Aside from her absurdly successful acting career, she has spent years on what must be two of the funniest sets in television history: "Saturday Night Live" and "Parks and Recreation." In my opinion, Poehler is the funniest woman on the planet. Plus, she used to be married to my doppelgänger Will Arnett, so there is always the chance she confuses us and comes to spend the rest of her life with me.

6. Nancy Cartwright


Cartwright is worthy of a spot on this list for playing the voice of Bart Simpson (and a few of his classmates), one of the most iconic television characters ever. But what makes her even more special is that she -- as a voice actor -- not only rose to the top of the entertainment industry but also helped sustain one of the greatest animated shows of all time.

7. Ronda Rousey


UFC bantamweight champion. Actress. Impressing everyone, everywhere she goes. And, to top it all off, she has a perfect 10-0 record as a professional fighter.

8. Maya Angelou

Huffington Post

Few women have ever inspired the soul like the late great Maya Angelou. She was a pioneer of self-exploration, a writer for all of time, a magnanimous human in every way, and a woman who opened herself to the world like few before her. I would give limbs to have her passion, creativity or mastery of her craft.

9. Meryl Streep


Few people ever dominate their career in a way that leaves them as the undisputed greatest of all-time. But if that award had to go to one actress, I can't imagine anyone getting it but Meryl Streep. She can make you cry just as quick as she makes you laugh. From The River Wild to The Devil Wears Prada, she's played just about every role in every genre of movie. And at 65-years-old, she is still as pretty as ever.

10. Megan from 'Bridesmaids'


No, not Melissa McCarthy the actress... just the woman she plays in Bridesmaids. What an unforgettably hilarious character. I wish this overly-outgoing, honest, badass puppy-stealing woman was my best friend or my sister or -- better yet -- I just wish I were her.

11. Malala Yousafzai


The 17-year-old political activist survived a bullet from the Taliban and the prosecution of her homeland, only to continue to push forward as a symbol of hope and strength for oppressed women across the globe. For such a young woman, she has had an immeasurable effect on persecuted humans all over the world -- and her story is only just beginning.

12. My Mother

When it comes to women, none hold the status of champion like my own mother. A survivor of three boys, breast cancer, African safaris and a childhood in bigoted Annapolis, Maryland, my mom has gone from hippie-child on the run to the program manager of Judaic Studies at Princeton University.

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