12 Of The Most Amazing Home Additions You'll Ever See

Especially #7.

A house — or any living space, really — is as much an expression of the occupant's personality as it is a shelter for survival.

Beyond just keeping the rain off our heads, however, our homes are often the places where we find the most comfort. They are private oases where we can center ourselves.

In this amazing article, you'll find a collection of stunning home additions posted by Imgur user darkandstormynight on the popular photo-sharing site.



1. This is everything.

A Wine Cellar Trap Door

2. This pool is LITERALLY fire.

A Fire Pit in the POOL

3. You mean "A big-ass room full of pillows? Why yes, I do have one."

A Sleepover Room

4. The ultimate kids' table?

A Swing-Set Dining Table

5. THIS.

A Hot Tub That Flows from the Inside to Outside

Wait til you see what's next, though...

6. My name is Gatsby...

A Two-Story Closet

7. Know what I'd put in here?

A Staircase That Wraps Around an Aquarium
Damn right.

8. It would be like hanging out in a bong.

A Glass-Encased Basement Pool

9. ...and someone to bring us our champagne.

An Overflow Bathtub with Fireplace

10. For the rest of the wine collection.

A Staircase That Lifts Up to Reveal a Secret Room

11. Who has time to take the stairs? NOBODY.

A Slide Shortcut into the Pool

12. Needs a bigger screen.

A Built-In TV for the Bathtub


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