12 Of The Most Hilarious Photo Ops From The First Day Of School

They're so ready.

The first day of school is magical day. Sure, most kids don't like getting up early, but this is the day that kids will have on their brand new school clothes, carry their new supplies, and have delusions about getting straight As and actually keeping their folders and notebooks organized.

Here are 12 pictures that highlight how amazing the first day of school is, and how many different ways that excitement can manifest.

1. The first day of school is often an amazing time for parents.

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2. Kids are going all out to show their excitement.

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3. Even if the first day of school is a bit scary, it could be where you meet your new best friend.

Chivalrous boy comforts a homesick girl on her first day of school, he's the man.

4. Take the opportunity to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

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5. It's a day to give your loved ones a squeeze and wish them well before embarking on the new year.

Tried to get a good first day of school picture..

6. Everyone knows it's the best time to show off the biggest trends and latest fashions.

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7. Remember, that first day of school is a memory that will last for many years to come.

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8. Looking good is a team effort.

Just my brothers and I on the first day of school circa 1998

9. Sometimes, though, parents need to step in before they let you commit a huge fashion faux pas.

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10. The schools themselves are ready, though overly honest.

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11. The excitement doesn't always carry over to the second day, though.

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12. There are some kids who are SO ready to take on whatever comes their way.

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