These 12 Before And After Shots Of Animals Show The Healing Power Of Kindness

Such a happy ending!

Nearly 4 million dogs will enter animal shelters every year for various reasons. Some have been abandoned, some have been rescued from abusive homes, and others are homeless with no apparent backstory. 

No matter how they got there, one thing is clear: adoption saves lives. 

These 12 dogs were starving, dirty, and even diseased, but were transformed by caring people who gave them proper care and affection.

Their before and after shots are completely jaw-dropping.


1. Shrek looks like a totally different dog without all of that matted fur.

2. No longer starving and scared, this pup can stand tall and proud.

3. When Woody's owner died, he became homeless. Luckily, he was able to find a new home where he received love and care.

4. Olivia was so starved, you could easily see her bones through her fur. With food and care, she was able to fill out to a healthy weight with a shiny coat.

5. With love and proper care, this dog was able to regain a shiny coat... and a big smile.

6. In the before shot, this pup doesn't even look like a dog at all.

7. Mange had entirely taken Cedar's coat. With proper treatment, a huge difference was made.

8. This terrified pooch may have lost an eye, but love and care brought back that happy spirit.

9. This pooch was in impossibly poor shape before some lovely humans provided the care that brought back that smile.

10. The only thing recognizable between Ellen's before and after shots is her adorable grin.

11. Once dangerously close to starving, this dog was able to get to a healthy weight.

12. After proper treatment for mange and finally getting a real home, Miley is able to sleep more soundly.

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