12 Times Shaquille O'Neal Was Simply The Man

Few people are more likable than Shaq.

Every few weeks, former NBA All-Star Shaquille O'Neal makes the news for something, usually just being awesome.

Whether he's becoming a cop, doing something absurdly athletic or tripping over cords, Shaq is almost always up to something worth giving a second look. Below, we have 12 of our favorite Shaquille O'Neal moments. 


1. When he celebrated a jump shot put in golf.


2. That time a little kid socked him in the face on television.

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3. Anytime he appears in movies (but especially when he's holding a soda).

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4. Every man has his kryptonite. Shaq has flies.

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5. All you have to do is ask!

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6. How can you not love someone who can laugh at themselves?

Shaq falls

7. Anytime he makes otherwise enormous people look small.

Charles Barkley, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson & Shaq. To put this in perspective, The Rock is 6'4 260 lbs.

8. And occasionally when other people make HIM look small.

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9. He dances like a cat.

The cat 'n the Shaq

10. Shaq the chef.

I submit Shaq and his easy bake oven as tribute

11. Shaq vs. a Christmas tree.

Shaq vs. Christmas Tree

12. And, of course, Shaq with a seal.

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