11 Tattoo Cover-Ups That Should've Been Done A Long Time Ago

Permanent ink.

We did a recent article on tattoo fixes that you might've seen, but when we came across these, we knew we had to bring them to our audience. Ink is permanent, but sometimes a few years can put a big distance between who you were when you went under the needle for something and who you are now. Tattoos represent a certain part of us that we may not feel any connection to anymore.

In the worst case scenario, they may just be badly done tattoos that we've regretted since day one. It doesn't take much to wreck a tattoo: an allergic reaction, an artist with an unsteady hand, bad ink, crappy tools (guitar strings, cough cough) or anything else can ruin the "great" idea you had and turn it into a self-created permanent mutilation.

Fortunately, there's hope in the form of talented and skilled tattoo artists who can take tragedies and turn them into triumphs. Check out these 11 examples of cover-ups that not only exceed expectations, but will leave you wondering where the original ink went after they were done. 

1. Sick.

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2. Fixed that for you.

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3. This must've taken days...

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4. The original makes you wonder if there should be a waiting period for ink.

Fun 'Before / After' cover-up by our friend Sean Karn. He's opening a new studio in Norfolk, VA; Otzi Tattoo Agency.

5. Ink and irony: well-played.

A clever cover-up tattoo done by a parlor near me

6. Illuminati level.

So when I was 15 I decided to let my friend tattoo me. After 8 years of looking at this stupid thing I decided it was time to co

7. Fresh ink.

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8. New nickname: "Animal."

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9. You sure you didn't just get an arm transplant?

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10. Had to do something with it.

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11. True fan.

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