11 Pictures That Will Clear Up Any Confusion About What You're Having For Dinner

There are no bad pizzas.

Pizza is something that people take very seriously. Ask pizza lovers in any big city who has the best in their town and you'll get answers that will take you all over the map from big chains to neighborhood storefronts to tiny places that you won't find on the internet. Challenge someone's favorite pizza joint and you'll spark a heated conversation that will stir up far more emotions than any disagreement over religion or politics every could. Pizza might be shared, but pizza is always personal.

The USDA tells us that, on any given day in America, 13 percent of the population is consuming what is called the "world's most popular food."

The following pictures illustrate that idea pretty perfectly. If you're not hungry now, you soon will be.



1. You never really get over your first love.

What true love looks like

2. The journey of a giant pizza begins with the first slice.

So my sis wanted to order the biggest pizza they had.

3. The one time you don't mind being surprised by the cops at your doorstep.

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Protect and serve...me up a slice, please!


5. Wait, you guys can do that? HOW DO WE ORDER THIS?

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6. This kid is up to the challenge...

Tweeted by Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria last night, the pizzeria that delivered pizza to the Oscars

7. Someone's enjoying that pizza... Just not you.

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8. Like we said... Just not you.

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9. The "fold" technique here may result in hot cheese poured down your body.

My friend ordered just one slice of pizza

10. Whatever, just scrape the box.

Ordered Pizza the other night...

11. Where's Big Lou's and how do we get there?

Where's the best pizza in your city? Let us know in the comments below.


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