These 11 Men Might Just Be The Best Dads Ever

The last one will make you tear up.

Dads don't always get a lot of credit.


Movies tend to depict dads as goofy and clueless, or worse, as stern, stubborn disciplinarians. Parenting is more art than science. It's a learning curve that can initially only be formed by one's experience as a child, rather than an adult. Dads, like moms, have to provide for and protect their kids. And as with motherhood, there are moments of tender grace that come with being a dad.

These images culled from Imgur illustrate some of the best Dad moments from around the internet.

1. This dad who has the cure for post-breakup blues.

2. This dad making sure his son has a great Halloween.

3. This dad who always hides a twenty when he visits.

4. This dad who picked his daughter up at the airport with this setup.

5. This dad who dropped in. Hard.

His last words before this picture was taken were, "I don't need a helmet. How hard can this be?"

Go hard.

6. This dad who makes custom pancakes.

Is that Hemingway?

7. This dad's beautiful birthday wish... And hilarious follow-up.

8. This dad's amazing catch.

9. This dad being safety-conscious.

10. The dad who got THIS pic of his kids.

11. This dad who just knows.

(Cover photo via liltunechi on Instagram)

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