11 Inspiring Moments Of True Sportsmanship

Passion and compassion: these athletes have mad respect for each other.

Sports are all about competition: deciding who is the best, whether it's a team or an individual. In that sense, it's about winning: about victory, about enduring at all costs, about prevailing. But in order to get the edge that can make or break a victory, every competitor has to first understand his or her opponent. That understanding often creates a certain respect: a healthy respect for the person or people that you're trying to beat.

The athletes you're about to see feel that respect keenly. They're at a level where the game is more interesting than winning or losing, where the challenge, rather than the end result, is everything. In short, these athletes have sportsmanship. They'd rather lose fairly and gracefully than win on a technicality. They'd rather stop and help out an opponent they respect than crush someone who has fallen.

They'll inspire you to think about how you work, how you play, and how you live and treat others.



1) Respect from David Ross (then Boston Red Sox, now Chicago Cubs).

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2. Michigan QB Devin Gardner checks on Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett last year.

3. These MMA fighters showing what it means to have heart.

Good sportsmanship

4. The race isn't always to the swift.

This is true sportsmanship.

5. Another MMA Broment.


6. These ladies understand that an opponent isn't an enemy.

One of the best examples of sportsmanship I have ever seen

7. Kids. Leading by example.

Just a 8 year old lad showing great sportsmanship :)

8. Milwaukee's Carlos Gomez helping out Cincinnati's Billy Hamilton with some gum.

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9. Only in MMA...

Gotta love the sportsmanship between them before they beat the shit out of each other

10. Rugby sportsmanship is a little rough, but still.


11. A friend, indeed.

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