11 Alternative Ways Eggs Prove They Are The Best Food In Existence

The endlessly versatile wonder.

Eggs are a treasure. An absolute treasure. They're delicious, they're strange and it seems like a new way to cook them is discovered at least once a day. Scrambled, boiled, fried, poached, quiche — the list goes on.

There are all kinds of tricks you can do with eggs beyond cooking them differently, though. Here's a list of the offbeat uses you've never thought of.


1. Separate the yolk from the egg white with a bottle.

2. Hard-boiled egg or first aid kit?

Next time you cut your finger chopping vegetables, boil an egg and use the film in between the white and the shell as a sort of Band-Aid. It'll act as an extra layer of skin and stem the bleeding.

3. Sports eggs.

Well, you can't literally use eggs in place of normal sports balls. But you can shape hard-boiled eggs into copies of them using these molds.

4. Beauty masks.

Looks terrifying, but if you combine egg whites with some lemon juice and spread the mixture on your face, it'll tighten immediately and the protein within will give life to your skin.

5. Glue.

Out of glue? Whip up some egg whites — when they dry, they're just as powerful an adhesive.

6. Leather stain remover.

Yep. Egg whites. Mix them up, paint over stains on leather and wipe off with a damp cloth. The stains will go away and a protective layer is formed in their place.

7. Inside-out eggs.

Centrifugal force is a miraculous thing. Learn how to do this trick here.

8. Heart-shaped eggs.

Like it's Valentine's Day or something. Learn how to get these romantic eggs here.

9. The silver egg illusion.

10. The egg walker.

Eggs are surprisingly strong if you apply force from only the top and bottom — that's why you can step on a full egg carton without breaking any eggs.

11. A better way to peel.

Boil an egg, peel a little off the top, a little off the bottom and blow out the top. Done.

Cover image: DaveHax via YouTube


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