11 Confessions Reveal The Joys And Struggles Of Being An Actor

Inside the minds of those who get into character.

Let's be honest about something: being an actor is tough. 

Yeah, the general public thinks that being on the screen or on the stage instantly leads to wealth, power, and prestige, but for many, the only recognition comes from supportive family and friends, and payment comes in the form of pursuing one's passion.

All of which can be rewarding. But sometimes in our society, the arts aren't valued as much as, say, athletic ability, or even skills related to math and science.

Yet at the same time, our culture values representation in art that involves acting. And more than one of us has connected with a character on TV, in a movie, or in a play, thanks to the commitment from the actor or actress who portrayed them. 

Actors live the lives we want to live, experience the experiences we never will, and demonstrate the many "what ifs" that we confront in our everyday lives.

As they help us face our own struggles, we now look at theirs, as told through anonymous confessions revealed via the Whisper app. Take these to heart and remember them the next time you watch an actor or actress totally become someone else.



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