Watch These 11 Mash-Up Videos That Are Nothing Short Of Pop Culture Perfection

The best in entertainment just got better.

Just when you think your favorite movie, TV show, or song can't get any better, some genius comes along and combines it with another beloved form of entertainment. 

Whether it's a musical mash-up or parody video, the result is always a new pop culture concoction of epic proportions. 

From Disney princesses cast in an animated Mean Girls trailer to Chandler Bing dancing to "Hotline Bling," these 11 crossover videos exemplify the very best of the internet: 


1. Mean Disney Girls

Back in 2010, this "so fetch" video, like, *invented* the genre. By taking the Disney princesses out of the storybook and into the Burn Book, this combo's almost too magical to function. 

2. The Notorious B.A.R.N.E.Y.

We sure are a happy family when Big Poppa's in the (play)house. Combining two classic symbols of '90s pop culture, this video has everything millennials never knew they needed. 

Now, throw your hands in the air if you a true ... dino. 

3. Winter Is Trumping

No matter what you think of this election or Game of Thrones season, funny is funny. 

While Trump might not deserve to rule Westeros (or the United States), this video's mastermind certainly deserves a shot at the Iron Throne.  

4. Hamilton School Musical

Alexander Hamilton didn't throw away his shot, and neither did Troy Bolton — or the genius behind their virtual harmony. One can only imagine the insanity (and the even more insane ticket prices) if this mash-up became a real Broadway musical. 

But for now, as long as we can get our heads in the game while keeping our hearts in this video, that would be enough.  

5. We Could Have Caught 'Em All

It takes the dedication of a true Pokeman master not only to catch 'em all but to Photoshop Adele's face on 'em all. Well played. 

6. Lionel and Adele's Missed Connection

What happens when two pop stars say "Hello"? Apparently, one hangs up so quickly she doesn't even say "Good-bye." 

To be fair, Adele is on a flip phone, so maybe she just ran out of minutes ... 

7. Mickey Minaj

This video proves Disney princesses and pop princesses "were meant to fly"... on magic carpets, of course. Todrick Hall, a mash-up master, Disney-fied the lyrics to Nicky Minaj's top hits, and the result is anaconda-mazing. 

8. Britney and the Beast

Oops, Todrick Hall did it again. By putting a modern Britney twist on "a tale as old as time," he created a video so fierce it rivals the Beast.

9. Wand Up

Another pop star, another musical mash-up masterpiece. 

J.K. Rowling couldn't have written a better lyric adaptation than this young woman slaying as Hermione in a magical parody of Beyonce's "Hold Up." Expecto perfection from this video.

10. Harry Potter Makes Some Friends

Tons of TV shows have been Friends-ified, from The Walking Dead to The Big Bang Theory. But no cast of characters may be more perfectly suited for this recognizable theme song than the Hogwarts crew. 

Like any respectable theme song sequence, this video shows the actors' progression from the first HP film to the last. Just try to watch it without getting all kinds of feels.

11. Hotline Bing

Could there be a better crossover video? Chandler Bing doesn't think so. Even if you disagree, you should still call him on his cellphone and let him know. Clearly, he could use any form of human contact. 

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