Video Highlights 103 Years Of Female Pop Stars And Their Various Styles

From Billie Holiday to Madonna and more.

"How have music icons changed over the last century?" Vanity Fair asks in the caption of its latest video featuring 103 years of female pop stars.

The video, which highlights both the women and the fashions surrounding eras of popular music, begins in the 1910s with Nora Bayes, and ends in the 2010s with Rihanna and an exaggerated menswear look.

Other highlights include a pearly, embellished 1920s outfit to represent Josephine Baker, "the first black woman to star in a major motion picture," and an embroidered white gown on Lena Horne, who, with her Old Hollywood style, was "a prominent civil rights activist" in the 1940s.

We also get a look at a 1980s Madonna look, Britney Spears' "... Baby One More Time" schoolgirl number from the '90s, and Beyoncé's moveable performance wear to complement her killer dance moves. 

Take a look at all the pop star icons and their looks in the video below:



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