'100 Years Of Shoes' Takes Us On A Stroll Through High-Heeled History

Which era is your favorite?

YouTube channel MODE is back at it again with another installment in its 100 Years of Fashion series. In the past, we've seen how women's workout clothes, lingerie, and swimsuits have evolved in the past century. But our favorite videos are the ones that take a closer look at how accessories, such as handbags or hats, have changed throughout each decade. They serve a great reminder that even the little things help us to express ourselves in our outfit choices. 

MODE's latest video is no exception. In it, we see how heeled shoes have changed in the past 100 years. Usually, the 100 Years of Fashion installments only showcase one look for each decade, but this time around we get several styles. We love this change because it gives us a fuller picture of the heel choices that shaped each decade. From fur-lined booties in the 1910s to bright, printed pumps in the 1970s to what looks like painfully uncomfortable platforms in the 2010s, the video takes us on a stroll through high-heeled history. The creators even slipped in what they think the future of heels will look like. 

Check it out in the video below: 


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