'100 Years Of Fashion Revolutions' Reminds Us How Much Women's Clothing Has Changed

We can't wait to see what the future holds.

Disruption doesn't only occur in the tech world — innovation happens in fashion, too. In YouTube channel MODE's latest installment in its 100 Years of Fashion series, we see how that innovation has affected the clothes women wore from 1910 to the 2010s. 

In case you're new to the series, MODE produces time lapse videos that show the evolution of various fashion trends in the last century. In the past, they've given us a history lesson in heels, handbags, swimsuits, workout clotheslingeriehats, and more. 

Their latest video "100 Years of Fashion Revolutions" takes us on a tour of the designs that defined each decade. From the introduction of dresses with zippers in the 1930s, to fully 3D printed outfits in 2016, we can clearly see how far we've come in terms of designing women's clothing. 

Today, it might seem crazy to imagine a time without stilettos, little black dresses, and the ability to wear pants to the office, but not long ago that's exactly what women had to deal with. 

You can check out "100 Years of Fashion Revolutions" below: 


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