'100 Years of Beauty' Explores Beauty Traditions For Black Men

Which one is your favorite?

Cut is back with another segment of their 100 Years of Beauty series. So far, most of their videos have focused on the evolution of trends for women from Japanese styles, to Iranian looks

They've explored male trends once before, previously showing us how hegemonic male grooming styles have changed. "The entire time that 100 years was happening, there was a complete other, but parallel beauty tradition for Black men," Chris Chan, visual anthropologist at  Cut and editor for the 100 Years of Beauty series says in a behind-the-scenes look at his latest video. 

In this time-lapse, Cut takes us through decades of beauty trends for Black males. From early 20th century hats, to the Fresh Prince's flat top, we're given a glimpse of how Black male beauty has evolved over the decades. 

"One thing I think 100 Years of Beauty has always tried to do is show how the past continues to inform the present," Chan says. "There are things in history that we can't exactly express in words, but we can show with images." 

You can check out those images in the transformation video below:

Cut also released a behind-the-scenes look at all the research that went into creating this video:



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