Seeing 100 Years Of Haitian Beauty Trends Might Make You 'Rethink Everything You Know' About The Island

"Joy, elegance, and timeless beauty."

Cut Video is giving us another beauty trend history lesson with their latest installment of their time lapse-video series 100 Years of Beauty. In the past, they've shown us the evolution of these trends in places such as SyriaArgentina, and France. This time around, Haitian-American artist and model Nzingah Oniwosan takes us through 100 years of Haitian beauty trends, decade by decade. 

The masterminds behind the series always do a ton of research to pick out accurate and inspired looks, which they then show us on their Pinterest page

"Alo bèl! Rethink everything you know about Haiti — the second oldest democracy in the Western hemisphere, and home to some of the most vibrant and passionate beauty traditions in the Caribbean and the world," the video creators wrote on Pinterest. "In this episode of 100 Years of Beauty, Nzingah shows us that Haitian women have always reigned over the island with joy, elegance, and timeless beauty." 


See for yourself in the video below:

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