'100 Years Of Hair Color' Is The Inspo You Need To Go Bold

Which decade's style is your favorite?

From unicorn-inspired locks to hair decorated with glitter, people have been keeping up with ever-changing hairstyle trends for years.

Now, in a video for Allure magazine, the publication's rounding up 100 years of hair color, complete with some historical context and the beauty icons behind each decade's look. 

The video begins in the 1920s, featuring jet black hair inspired in part by actresses like Louise Brooks. Brooks starred in movies like Diary of a Lost Girl (1929) and Pandora's Box (1929), among others. "Although, at the time, getting your hair dyed is deemed taboo, forcing women to sneak into salons to have it done," it says in the video. 

Later, Marilyn Monroe brings platinum blonde hair back in the 1950s, and spray-on dye allows women to turn their hair a fiery red. 

Finally, we end up with today's trends, which feature a bunch of different experimental styles, like mermaid and rose-gold hair.

Rock whatever style makes you feel the most confident, but if you're looking for a little inspiration, look no further than the video below.


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