'100 Years Of Bridesmaid Dresses' Is The Ultimate Inspiration For Any Bridal Party

What's your favorite look?

From bouquets of epic proportions to collared gowns and ruffled ensembles, bridesmaid trends have certainly changed throughout the years. 

And a new video for Brides walks viewers through those trends, starting in the 1900s and ending with current-day bridesmaid looks. In doing so, the video takes a refreshing look at another fashionable element of one's wedding day — taking a step back from the bride's dress itself and giving those patient bridesmaids a little special credit.

So, for all those in need of a little bridesmaid-inspo, scroll below for a look at some of our favorite trends, and check out Brides' full video, below:


1900s bouquets:

1970s florals:

1980s off-the-shoulder:

1990s ruffles:

Need more ideas? Click below for the full video:


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