'100 Years Of Swedish Beauty' Reminds Us How Sweden Has Contributed To The Film And Music Industry

From talented silent film stars to badass women battling sexism in black metal bands.

Cut Video just released their last 100 Years of Beauty video for 2016 — and this time, they're taking on Sweden. 

If you've never seen the series, each installment is a time-lapse that depicts how beauty has evolved decade-by-decade in various cultures over the course of a century. The videos are always mesmerizing and entertaining to watch, but they also give us a history lesson: They show us how the fashionable makeup, hairstyles, and accessories during each decade reflect the values of that culture during that particular time period.

In their newest episode, the Cut Video team looked at Swedish beauty trends through the lens of popular culture. On their Pinterest page, they lay out the inspiration for each and every look. Aside from the 1910s look, which was modeled after Signe Bergman, a leading feminist figure of the Swedish suffrage movement, each decade's beauty trends were created with an actress, musical artist, or model in mind. 

For their 1940s look, they looked to Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman who became famous for her roles in such movies as Casablanca, Joan of Arc, and several Hitchcock films. 

By the time we get up to the 1990s, we see two starkly different looks that show different popular music scenes during the decade. The first recognizes Sweden's influence in global pop music by creating a look inspired by Nina Persson who fronted The Cardigans and Linn Berggren who performed with Ace of Base. The second recognizes women in the Swedish black metal scene. 

"While Swedish black metal is a male-dominated scene, the later derivations of death metal and newer manifestations of 'old school' metal throughout the 2000s and 2010s are filled with powerful, badass female artists that have to combat all manner of sexism from metal bands, fans, and critics alike," the Cut Video team wrote


Check out the looks in the video below:


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