'100 Years Of Israeli and Palestinian Beauty' Explores Varying Trends In The Region

It showcases how politics can influence personal style preferences.

By now, you might be familiar with Cut Video's viral series 100 Years of Beautywhich focuses on how beauty trends have evolved in cultures over time. 

In the past, the series has shown us how trends have changed in places like Japan, Iran, and Hawaii over past decades. But the latest installment is causing more of a stir than most. In it, the Cut Video team explores the evolution of Israeli and Palestinian beauty trends, side-by-side. 

"I think no other project brings more controversy, more complexity, and more sensitivity than any of the projects I think we've done so far," Chris Chan, visual anthropologist at Cut Video, said in a video about the looks. "First of all, I want to say there is no way that we are at all qualified to comment on or make definitive statements about a two-state solution, about Israeli settlements. Nobody has asked us to make that commentary and we're not qualified to do it. What we can do is explore how different and plural claims to political sovereignty are articulated through women and young girls' personal preferences, tastes, styles, and fashions."

And that's exactly what they did. 


Check out all of the looks, decade-by-decade, in this video:

To learn more about the research that went into this installment, watch the video below:

To learn more about the inspiration behind each look, check out Cut Video's Pinterest page.

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