How Beauty Trends Have Evolved For Indian Men In The Past 100 Years

Which decade is your favorite?

Cut Video's viral series 100 Years of Beauty is back — and this time it's focusing on men. 

If you're unfamiliar with the time-lapse video series, it showcases how beauty trends have changed over time in a particular culture, and gives us a history lesson in the process. Most often, it depicts one culture in the past century, decade by decade. For example, it's created mesmerizing videos that present shifting beauty ideals in places such as Syria, Haiti, and France

But it's also strayed away from the single culture in 100 years model, presenting the evolution of Israeli and Palestinian beauty trends, side-by-side, what beauty trends around the world looked like in the 1980s, and a side-by-side comparison of beauty in North and South Korea

While it's covered some male beauty trends in the past, most of their videos surround women. So we were excited to see that the latest installment focused on Indian men as modeled by Aman Kainth. He goes from mustached and wearing a fez in the 1930s, to a long-haired 5 o'clock shadow look complete with a bandana around his neck in the 1970s, to the suave, full-bearded look of today. 


Monomit Sarker, an Indian activist and researcher, investigated the history behind each look and shared his research decade by decade on Imgur

For example, the 1970s look was modeled after Amitabh Bachchan. 

"Amitabh Bachchan, often called the King of Bollywood (debatable) established his iconic look — very much influenced by the Hollywood standards of male fashion during that time," Sarker wrote. He shared an image from the movie Deewar, and pointed out that a clean-shaven face was also popular. 

The 2010 look was inspired by Rohit Khandelwal. He's the "first Indian to win Mister World in 2016, thereby changing the perception of Indian men on an international level, with respect to their comparative beauty," according to Sarker. 

For more on the research behind these looks, be sure to check out Sarker's Imgur post. You can watch the "100 Years Of Beauty Men: India" video above.

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