Watching 100 People Make Out With A Piece Of Plexiglass Will Make You Cringe-Smile

Well, that was interesting.


Have you ever wondered what it looks like when you kiss someone?

In a new video for Cut (above), 100 people show off how they kiss by making out with a piece of plexiglass (yes, you read that right). 

Men, women, old and young, all participate in the bizarrely interesting video, with results that the Cut calls "intriguing." 

"This is so weird," one woman says before kissing the glass. 

"Sure hope you squeegeed that thing," another adds when she's done.

And while the video may make kissing seem totally weird, did you know there are actually surprising health benefits to doing it?

For example, kissing boosts your immunity, reduces stress, improves your mood, and even keeps your heart healthy, among other positive benefits.

So go ahead, kiss away. And be sure to watch the full video above.


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