100 People React To A Balloon Pop, And It’s Oddly Suspenseful And Satisfying

“I don’t get when people have fear of balloons.”

Reaction videos have become a classic Internet genre as evidenced by the many videos showcasing  reactions to homecomings, to adorable babies, to life-changing news, and beyond.  But the latest reaction video to catch our attention is one from YouTube channel Cut. Their video shows 100 people reacting to a balloon popping — something you probably never thought could be so entertaining ... suspenseful even. 

We've all been there. You're at a party, with balloons (of course) and then one goes pop and the whole room freaks out. Imagine that moment, but just 100 times in one video.

"I don't get when people have fear of balloons. What's the fear," asked the first balloon popping victim who would then become startled by the subsequent pop. 

In the video, several people are seen bracing themselves for the inevitable. Most closed their eyes (why?) and covered their ears. But it was no use, as the pop still gave them a shock. 

Reactions varied from yelps to screams to surprised laughter. Only a small few had no reaction — one stoic participant jokingly said the pops sounded a bit too familiar for him to be startled. 

This balloon pop video is another installment of Cut's Keep It 100 series. Previously, they have featured other unusual and funny moments, such as 100 people making out with plexiglass, 100 people dancing, and 100 people trying to cry on cue

Keep the weirdness coming, Cut! 

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