This 10-Year-Old Girl's Rally Sign Supporting Trans Youth Like Her Makes An Astute Point

Those bathroom bills don't hold up against this.

At a rally supporting transgender youth in New Jersey last week, one young girl became an internet sensation after a photo of her protest sign took social media by storm. 10-year-old Rebekah, who is transgender, had not only attended the rally with her mom, Jamie Bruesehoff, she also gave a speech there. 

But what captured the most attention was the sight of Rebekah, her purple hair in pigtails and matching her trainers, holding up a sign that read, "I'm the scary transgender person the media warned you about."


Bruesehoff and Rebekah came up with the sign during a brainstorming session. "Rebekah loved this one and thought it was so funny. She sees the absurdity of people thinking she's scary or a threat to anyone," Bruesehoff told A Plus. "I think it struck a chord, because other people see that absurdity, too."

According to Huffington Post reporter James Michael Nichols, Rebekah experienced anxiety and depression when she was 7. "With the help of some excellent professionals and a lot of learning, we all came to realize she wasn't a boy. She was a girl," Bruesehoff told the website.

The debate surrounding transgender youth and their rights was recently reignited when guidelines that required public schools allow transgender students to use the restroom according to their gender identity were rescinded. The decision sparked national backlash, and many parents who have trans children like Bruesehoff, have voiced their concerns.

She also pointed out that Rebekah was among the lucky ones — many transgender children don't have the support of their families, and Rebekah is hoping to draw from her experience to help those like her, too. 

Bruesehoff said: 

Rebekah and I want lawmakers to see transgender kids, transgender people, as people deserving of dignity, protection, and the same rights of any other person. Being transgender doesn't make you a threat. In fact, being transgender puts you at higher risk for violence and bullying. They are not the bad guys. 

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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