10 Inventions Predicted By 'The Simpsons'

You can thank them for autocorrect.

Twenty-seven years in, The Simpsons boasts a massive archive of jokes and original storylines. Of course, after nearly 600 episodes, there have been plenty of nods to well-established culture that came before it, but what's surprising is how often the show has predicted products, events, and more long before they became a reality.

The most disturbing example of this foresight by far is the notion of a Donald Trump presidency back in 2000, but with any luck that won't get any closer to fulfillment than it already has. Luckily the YouTube channel Alltime10s went down a decidedly less political route with its "10 Inventions Predicted By The Simpsons" video, so there's no need to move to Canada after watching it.

Featured in the compilation are autocorrect, smart watches, a baby translator, and even a sarcasm director. Clearly the world today is closer to Springfield in the '90s and '00s than anyone could have ever thought.


Watch the full video below:

Cover image: Alltime10s via YouTube

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