10 Gifts For Teachers Every Parent Should Consider

They deserve it.

Teachers do so much for our children that it's only natural to want to give them a gift to thank them for their hard work. Aside from giving a fresh apple as a trademark gift, other standard fare typically includes lotions, baked goods, coffee cups filled with candy, and since the rise in popularity of Pinterest, wreaths and wall hangings made out of crayons.

While the gestures are, of course, wonderful, the gifts themselves aren't always as useful as the giver may have thought. Skin sensitivities can preclude them from using certain lotions, dietary restrictions may cause them to skip out on eating sweets, nobody needs 10 new coffee cups per year, and how many personalized wall hangings does one person need?

Parents absolutely have the best intentions when giving gifts, but here are 10 ways to show teacher appreciation that they can actually use.


1. Have you ever heard a teacher complain about too having many classroom supplies? We haven't, either.

2. Party supplies, so every child can have an awesome birthday celebration.

3. Washing hands also reduces the spread of germs, so you're sparing them 9 months of feeling consistently under the weather.

4. Help take away the stress of hearing, "Can I borrow a pencil?"

5. Donate money toward big-ticket supplies, like iPads, bookshelves, or group work tables.

6. Donate time and help with menial tasks, like lamination. Chaperoning for field trips is also great.

7. Instead of giving ready-made gifts, give a gift card and let them choose.

8. Stickers come and go, but custom stamps are the gift that keeps on giving.

9. If it has to be personalized, make sure it's awesome and functional.

10. In the end, though, a simple thank you goes a really long way. They truly do deserve it.


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