Study Suggests 1 In 50 People Find Love On An Airplane

Love is in the air.

Study Suggests 1 In 50 People Find Love On An Airplane

If you find airplane travel to be exhausting, stressful and confusing, you might want to check out a new study by HSBC — it might just make reconsider your feelings about air travel. 


The study suggests 1 in 50 passengers find love on an airplane.

If you find that number surprisingly high (up in the sky), note that the study also revealed that approximately two U.S. couples meet on the average flight. It seems that love literally is in the air.

CNN reports that the results were gathered based on interviews with 2,150 people from 141 countries. The study also looked at the flying habits of an additional 6,000 people from the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Even if you don't meet the love of your life on a plane, you could still form a meaningful connection.The researchers report that over half of the respondents say they start conversations with their neighbors. The HSBC study also shows 16 percent of travelers make a new business connection, and 1 in 7 fliers make a lasting friendship. 

With 107,000 daily scheduled flights and an average 8 million daily fliers, there are plenty of opportunities to connect.

There are so many viral stories about people meeting on planes, proposing on planes, and even getting married, that it's no wonder so many people are finding love in the air. 


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