These Fake Facts In #1in5Muslims Are Hilarious And So Important

Truer than the original.

This week, British tabloid The Sun's front page story claimed that one in five British Muslims have "sympathy for jihadis." The figure is based on a survey of only 1,003 people and has been lambasted as being a combination of a bad data interpretation and racism. 


The fine people of Twitter were naturally quick to respond, and they've using humor to make the most of yet another Islamophobic situation with the hashtag #1in5Muslims. Some of these statistics sound a bit more accurate than the original. Enjoy:

1. Were they, though?

2. Time to reclaim it.

3. It never dies.

4. Not so random.

5. Don't forget your heroes.

6. When your last name isn't "Smith."

7. On double standards.

8. On being ahead of the game.

9. Things got cute fast.

10. Real fast.

11. Quit getting this wrong, guys.

12. Not everyone's strong suit.

13. No war on Christmas here.


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