Dog Wants To Be Forgiven More Than Any Dog In The History Of The World

He's soo sorry.

We've all seen a fair share of guilty dogs on the Internet. 


They look equally adorable and sad.

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But while they all clearly know they've done something wrong...

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...have any actually done anything about it?

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While most just bask in their guilt, one special dog named Ettore went the extra mile by asking his owner Anthony Federica Granai for forgiveness after being caught attempting to dig a hole in the couch. In a video posted to Facebook, which already has about 18 million views, we see the dog begging Granai to forget about the wrongdoing. 

In a rough translation posted as a description on, Granai says to his dog: "Are you asking me to forgive you? Are you asking me to forgive you? I don't understand. I really don't understand. What do you want?... OK. We make peace. We make peace. Peace, all right? We made peace." 

Watch the cuteness below:

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