What Happened When My Husband Dressed Me

We decided to try a new experiment with our husbands to find out what they really want us to wear.


We loved the recent feature Summer Bellessa did called "My Toddler Dressed Me" where she let her toddler pick out her clothes for a week. Since we don't have toddlers, we decided to use our husbands! They are always saying they could pick out great outfits for us, so we decided to put them to the test. The Outlets at Traverse Mountain were nice enough to give each of the boys $150 to spend at any store they wished. We knew we were in a safe place because the Outlets have our top 3 faves: J Crew, Loft and H&M! Photographer extraordinaire Travis Richardson joined us for the adventure. It helps that our husbands both think he is awesome and that he makes them feel comfortable in front of the camera! If we are being honest, Britt thought she would end up in a button down shirt and cardigan, while Brooke was pretty sure Parker would go for a full Nike look. Luckily, their choices weren't quite that extreme but we did learn a few things about our husbands:

 They do not like pointy stilettos. They prefer more casual looks. Instead of the newest trends in denim, the boys love the classic colors and cuts. They do not go for lace, embroidery, embellishments, or sparkle. Sensible flats is the name of the game. 

Overall, it was a really fun experience to see their perspective and learn what they prefer to see us in. Once we made it clear Victoria's Secret was not an option the guys had a lot of fun. We tried not to correct any of their choices and truly just let them pick things they liked… it was kind of hard to hold our tongues! (Like when I was trying on furry scarves and leather pants). However, we think this definitely calls for a Part 2… "This is what happened when my wife dressed me."! If you try this out with your significant other use #MyHusbandDressedMe to share your experience! 

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