People Of All Different Religions Practice Spirituality Together In One Unique Chapel

Atheists included, of course.

When thinking about various religions and cultures, it's easy to focus on the things that separate them — different deities, different traditions, values, humor, foods, languages, the list goes on and on.  

But in the end, celebrating their differences is what strengthens us, and recognizing their fundamental similarities is what brings us together.  

To create an artistic space that "fosters interfaith understanding," a special chapel in the museum district of Houston, Texas was opened in 1971. It is called the Rothko Chapel, and was designed by the abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko.  

It's open to all, 365 days of the year, and is a special space for every person of every background. 

Christopher Rothko, PhD, the son of Mark Rothko, and the chair on the Rothko Chapel board of directors, describes the chapel as "an ecumenical center...." 


"...a chapel where people of any background, any religion, any faith, or lack of faith, can come and find a space to think, to meditate, to worship in whatever way they see fit."

The chapel has a variety of programming throughout the year, and also serves as an intellectual space where speakers are invited to give lectures on both local and global events. It's an artistic venue as well, and musicians often come to perform there. 

Learn more about the Rothko Chapel here:


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