What Can $100 Really Get You In Your State?

Rough news for the Northeast.

We all know $100 can't buy you what it could fifty years ago, but what can it buy you across the 50 states? The cost of living varies a lot depending on where in the country you live, and the difference can be pretty dramatic, as illustrated in this infographic from Tax Foundation. The figures represent the value in the state overall, but it's worth noting that it probably varies between parts of states and within areas in cities. After all, $100 in downtown Chicago probably won't get you as far as it would in Springfield.


So how did your state do? Click through to see the full map, plus highlights of the easiest and hardest states to stretch a hundred bucks

Lowest value: Washington, D.C. at $84.96

Highest Value: Mississippi, at $115.21

Closest value to $100: Vermont, at $99.80

New York: $86.73

California: $89.05

Louisiana: $109.65

Texas: $103.14

Illinois: $99.01

Florida: $101.21

Hawaii: $86.06

See how all 50 states compare here.


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