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This Couple's Performance On 'Italia's Got Talent' Is About Much More Than Dance

Beautiful in motion and in their message.

Italia's Got Talent is much like America's Got Talent and its other counterparts from around the world. Performers who possess a wide array of talents take the stage and show off to the audience in the studio and at home, often wowing them with pure skill, and sometimes even bringing them — and judges — to tears

But a recent Italia's Got Talent performance kind of did both.

Two young men — whose names are Umberto and Roberto — appeared on the show and gifted viewers with something special.

Their duo, called You & Me, was getting ready to perform a contemporary dance routine set to Sleeping at Last's cover of the Cyndi Lauper song, "All Through the Night." But even before the showcase began, viewers were already falling in love with You & Me's story.

When asked "Why are you here?" by one of the judges, Roberto replied, "Because tonight, together, we want to do something we've been wanting to do for a long time."

"What we'd love to do tonight is show what we are, our everyday lives, our story," Umberto adds in translated captions in the clip.

And then the two soon began dancing — demonstrating not only the technical moves to carry out the intricate and sometimes complicated-looking steps in their routine, but also displaying a heartfelt tenderness that exists between them. 

Check out their performance in the video above.

After the moving interpretive dance — which breaks more than a few boundaries as to how men and women are supposed to dance — the two gave each other a passionate hug, revealing just how in love they are. The pair almost seemed to be lost in the moment, but the audience was only adding to their joy, giving them a standing ovation along with three of the show's judges. And, naturally, a few tears were shed, too.

"As soon as I saw you, I could tell there's a lot of love between you," said judge and singer-songwriter Nina Zilli.

"We wanted to show the love we've been sharing every day for the past two years," Umberto reveals, noting that only each of their mothers knew about their relationship. "Now everybody does," he added.

Because of the emotive performance and their skills, all four of the show's judges voted to move You & Me on to the next round of competition.

"And there [are] still people in Italy that think this is against nature," actor, comedian, and judge Claudio Bisio says, to which actress and radio host Luciana Littizzetto replies, "They're just people."

It was a touching display and one of the most emotional from the Got Talent series, proving that love has just as few boundaries as dance.

Cover image: Italia's Got Talent via YouTube

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