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These 'Voice' Contestants Performed So Well Together, You'll Forget They Were Battling

The definition of friendly competition.

Alicia Keys sure knows how to create a great battle this season on The Voice. Earlier this week she paired up two amazing male vocalists for a cover of Adele's "Hello," and on Tuesday night two more of her team members delivered a refreshing performance of "Valerie," the Zutons song famously covered by Amy Winehouse.

The battle, between Dave Moisan and Michael Sanchez, didn't really feel like a battle at all. As commenters on YouTube and Facebook pointed out, it was more like a duet — and they could totally become a regular act. While contestants often keep each other at arm's length during the battles, Dave and Michael were friendly, which fit with the uptempo song.

They took turns on the same keyboard, each of them playing while the other person sang. When they reached the chorus, they even put their arms around each other. Their voices sounded so great together that you might be surprised when Alicia actually has to pick one of them as the winner.

"It was a real performance," fellow coach Miley Cyrus said. "And that's what takes you out of feeling like you're in the ring and you're just watching, like, a boxing fight. It's like, no, this is still music, this is still art."

In the end, Alicia chose Michael to move on, but it wasn't over for Dave, as Adam stole him for his own team. It's just too bad the guys can't compete as a duo for the rest of the season.

Watch the full performance in the video below:


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