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Kendrick Lamar Makes Powerful Statement With Electrifying Grammys Performance

The Compton, Calif., rapper won a few awards ... and the night.

The Grammys were handed out in Los Angeles last night, and while the show experienced a few technical snafus, it was mostly free of controversy and had a few positive displays that made their way into the ceremony.

On the heels of Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance, the current King of Hip-Hop, Kendrick Lamar, took his time on the stage to deliver a rousing performance with a message. The 11-time nominee, who took home five awards, performed his To Pimp a Butterfly songs "The Blacker the Berry" and "Alright," along with "Untitled 3." 

And let's just say, if folks were heated when Beyoncé delivered her "unapologetically Black" showcase, the fuel that lit that fire was easily in place during Kendrick's three-song performance.

It begins with Kendrick in chains, and the scene is most definitely a jail, as "Berry" — about the modern-day Black experience that doubles as his internal struggle — erupts with intensity into the microphone. 

All this as he strives to break free of the chains, before he transitions into "Alright," a song that has been embraced by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has faced its own battles from other organizations and some media outlets.

It was a spectacular display of Kendrick's rhyming skills and his ability to integrate a message into his lyrics. It also adds the current catalog of top-tier stars who are taking a stand on a body of issues that have become so divisive, encouraging at-home viewers to work at understanding each other and to improve the lives of millions.

Watch Kendrick's performance below:

What's more, Lamar got some love from one of his newest friends. We're talking about President Obama, who he met earlier this year. Though not directly a tweet from the Leader of the Free World, the White House supported the Compton superstar: 

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