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This Artist Is Blending Smoothies Into Some Seriously Impressive Works Of Art

Too pretty to drink?

While most of us think making a smoothie means blending up some ingredients and pouring it into our favorite on-the-go cup, one artist is rethinking the smoothie as its own work of art — and it's beautiful. 

Hazel Zakariya, whose Instagram bio reads "for the love of food, florals and all things inspired," uses ingredients like turmeric, flower petals, coconut chips and carob syrup to blend smoothies and top them off with portrait-style images of animals, pop culture figures, and beyond. 

For example, one smoothie bowl made from mango, banana, honeydew, coconut yogurt, coconut water, and pitaya powder is decorated with the detailed face of a lion, outlined with floral petals. The topping is made from coconut cream, activated coconut charcoal, mesquite powder, cacao and carob syrup, turmeric and pitaya powder.

In an interview with Martha StewartZakariya says that she was inspired to create such works after messing up the topping on a bowl of butternut squash soup. When her swirls didn't come out properly, she turned them into a tree and continued experimenting from there. 

"It's become a fun platform for me to express and challenge myself creatively," she says. "Personally, it's also a great mindfulness practice. And smoothies are a good way to enjoy more fruits and vegetables." 

Zakariya also tells the publication that her work doesn't require any brushes, just wooden skewers and a table knife. 

"I've rediscovered my love for painting and drawing."

In another one of Zakariya's works, the artist recreates Bryan Cranston's character from Breaking Bad, adding that she herself has a degree in chemistry.

"Been a while since I've been in a lab coat though," she writes on Instagram.

Zakariya's smoothie bowls have also featured: unicorns, sharks, penguins, koalas, zebras, Harry Potter houses, jellyfish, and beyond. Check out some of our favorites below and find more on her Instagram here

(H/T: My Modern Met)


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