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These Objects Appear Real Until Their Artist Proves They're Actually Completely Flat Drawings

A feast for the eyes.

"I started drawing portraits and it was hard ... so I decided to draw something different," a self-taught Serbian artist writes in a blog post for Bored Panda.

And scrolling through his Instagram and Facebook pages, which feature a collection of his work, we're pretty sure artist Nikola Čuljić has accomplished something beautifully different.

Čuljić's drawings are mind-blowing cases of 3-D art; at first glance, the objects Čuljić creates appear completely real and tangible. But, as shown in a demonstrative video, viewers can watch as the artist turns the paper to reveal an entirely flat surface.

Mashable explains that since showing his work on the Internet, Čuljić "has really enjoyed the 'wow' reactions he's been getting." And wow, indeed.

Čuljić's work just goes to show that with a little imagination, artists (and beyond) can find their passion and do it very, very well.

Check out more of his work below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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