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This Artist Captures The Beauty Of Travel Through Etch A Sketch Drawings

A whole new kind of postcard.

Artist Jane Labowitch is proving that the Etch A Sketch isn't just for kids. The intricate drawings she's able to create simply by turning two knobs are nothing short of incredible. 

Labowitch, also known as "Princess Etch A Sketch," started playing with the toy at 4 years old. As she explains on Facebook, "I played with my Etch A Sketch so much that I got used to the mechanics, and I got to the point to where I didn't have to think about which way the knobs made the stylus on the screen move. In a sense, I became fluent in a language."

We've already seen her use that language to recreate classic paintings and pop culture characters, but did you know she also makes some pretty amazing travel drawings?

While the rest of us are snapping photographs and collecting postcards, Labowitch is capturing the beauty of the world's landmarks in stunning detail on the most unexpected canvases.

Her sketch of St. Basil's Cathedral is on display at the Kohl Children's Museum in Illinois through September.

Labowitch is particularly fond of etching Chicago, her hometown.

When her flight was delayed, she spent the time etching this stylized plane.

Intrepid Travel recently sent Labowitch on their Golden Triangle tour of India. She spent a month documenting her travels in the country. As My Modern Met points out, the level of detail involved in her drawings certainly allowed her to savor the beauty of her locale. 

You can see Labowitch's India drawings next to photographs of her inspiration here.

Check out her flowery portrait of the Taj Mahal below.

"My favorite thing about Etch A Sketch is that there's so much that hasn't been done," Labowitch says on Facebook. "I aspire to take this toy and etch things beyond belief!"

If you want to keep up with all the unique artwork Princess Etch A Sketch has to offer, you can buy her work on Etsy or scroll through her Instagram.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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