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Artists Are Celebrating #Inktober With Stunning Ink Drawings. Here Are 13 Of Our Favorites So Far.

Get inspired to pick up a pen.

Sometimes, artists need a little motivation to get their creative juices flowing. Some decide to take on a 365-day project so that they're committed to creating something new every day for a year. Others regularly share their work on social media so that they're held more accountable for producing new pieces. And some others take part in fun challenges developed by other creatives like them. 

For example, you may have noticed an influx of mermaid-inspired artwork on social media this past May in celebration of #MerMay, a project started by illustrator Tom Bancroft that encourages artists to create mermaid-inspired artwork every day and share it using the hashtag. 

This month, a new challenge is exciting artists online. You'll see a lot of creative ink drawings on your news feed in celebration of Inktober. Back in 2009, Utah-based cartoonist and illustrator Jake Parker started Inktober as a challenge to improve his cartoon inking skills. Every day for the whole month, he creates and shares a new ink drawing. 

While Inktober started as a personal challenge for Parker, other artists were interested in joining in, too. By 2012, it was a full-blown, worldwide event celebrated on social media by creatives of all skill levels. Now, there are nearly 6 million Inkotober posts on Instagram and the challenge even made its way onto Twitter Moments this year. 

The challenge doesn't just help to motivate illustrators to produce new work but also gives them a fun way to connect with other artists who they may not be familiar with yet. Plus, it can give people who want to develop ink drawing as a hobby a community to interact with.  

"Anyone can do Inktober, just pick up a pen and start drawing," Parker says on his website. 

Parker creates a list of daily prompts to help guide people on their daily ink drawings. This year, the prompts are broad such as "mysterious," "underwater," and "squeak." The suggestions give a lot of room to let their own personalities and styles shine through. 

We're only a week and a half into Inktober and we're already impressed with the variety of work we've seen on social media. So, we rounded up a few of our favorite pieces so far.

Check them out below:














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