Please Excuse Zendaya While She Has A Fan Moment Watching Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

"When you Beyonce af."

This past Saturday, Beyoncé rocked the world with her HBO "Lemonade" special.

Just like us and many other celebrities tuning in, Zendaya was completely lost in Beyonce's work and couldn't contain her excitement.

Even though she appeared in the visual album, saying it was "One of the most beautiful things I've ever had the honor of being apart of," she didn't even try to hold back during the culturally historic moment.

With her hair braided up and wearing an oversized coat just like Queen Bey on TV, the actress and singer fiercely acted out the special as it was happening. 

She captioned the video, "When you @beyonce af."

We'd share our videos of us dancing to Beyoncé, too, but those videos are probably better off left locked in the vault.

We'll just let Zendaya be our spirit dancer for the day instead. Watch the clip below:

Like Zendaya, actress Kerry Washington was lost in the "vortex."

Rapper Wale was also stanning for Bey at home.

Anna Kendrick had an epiphany.

Demi Lovato put down the mic for a night to take in the moment.

We would've put the mic down, too, if we had one. Sadly, we do not, but it was definitely a moment in history which we will never forget.

You can currently purchase the album on Tidal or try to catch a rerun on HBO.


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