This Woman Gives The Most Inspiring Speech About Beauty While Applying Her Makeup

"If there are any boys watching this, this applies to you too."

If you think it's just another makeup tutorial, you couldn't be more wrong. Because this one goes way beyond mere makeup inspiration.

Shu An Oon, a Singapore-born actress, applies her makeup in front of the camera while sharing her thoughts on beauty. Inspired by a Sudanese model Alek Wek, Oon wants to you to start celebrating the beauty of simply being you.

As Oon explains, Wek is a supermodel who was born in South Sudan, but moved to London, England, to escape the civil war in her country. Wek was then scouted by a modeling agency at the age of 19. Within the first week of her modeling career, she was already opening and closing a Ralph Loren fashion show in New York.

"The other day I read the story of Alek Wek," Oon says. "And then everything made sense."

"Now, what really amazed me about her, is her answer when people ask her, if she thinks she's beautiful," Oon says while applying makeup. "A lot of models would say 'oh no, I was very weird as a kid [...]', but she says 'oh yes, of course.' Now, there's a theory that maybe it's because there was no media where she grew up, no one saying that you need to look like this or you need to look like that. And her mother said she was beautiful, and therefore she was. She never even thought that she was ugly."

Oon then talks about herself growing up and shows photos of her as a teen and young adult.

"This is me when I was 12," says Oon. "Before I learned how to look good."

"Not super good looking, but confident. And I miss that. And I wonder where it went," she continues while putting makeup on.

Watch the entire video below.