A Girl Band In Ethiopia Is Changing The Lives Of Millions Of People — Here's How

Something we can all get behind.

In Ethiopia, one in three girls don't go to school. One in five girls say they don't have any friends.

But a band called Yegna aims to create a positive change for these women through storytelling, relatable content and music.

The five female band members of Yegna do not only perform pop music hits, but also produce a radio broadcast that invites Ethiopian listeners to discuss women's issues, including domestic violence and sexual harassment.  

The band is an initiative by The Girl Effect, a global movement emphasizing the potential for young girls to end poverty for both themselves and the world around them. 

"It's [Yegna] an identity, a way of life... because to change things here for girls, you have to speak to everyone," one of the girls says in The Girl Effect's video entitled "Yegna, The Sound of All of Us."

In the video, Yegna explains they write, edit, and star in a radio drama focused on five very different Ethiopian girls. Yet, through their challenges, they come together as a group — and are stronger.

Now, the broadcast reaches more than 5 million listeners.

Additionally, they have inspired a following of more than 500 Yegna ambassadors, over 10,000 listening groups, and created partnerships with over 8,000 schools.

In video, the chairwoman of the Amhara Women's Association says Yegna has helped her learn better ways to raise her daughter.

"We have started a conversation and everyone can join in," say the girls of Yegna.

And at the heart of it all, there's music. 

Watch the full video below:

Check out Yegna's Facebook page for more information.

(H/T: Upworthy)