Couple Texts Wrong Number About Baby's Birth, Finds Kindhearted Strangers

There are some really good people in the world.

There are some really good people in the world. 

People who are kind for no reason. People who just do good thing for others. People who seem to turn up, out of the blue, at exactly the right time and restore a little bit of faith in and hope for humanity in our lives.

This exchange, posted by Imgur user ShadowBun, is an example of that.

It begins with a group text celebrating the birth of a child.

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One of the people doesn't know the couple: wrong number, but they don't stay strangers for very long ...

According to the Huffington Post, the text celebrating the birth of a son, Cason, to Mark and Lindsey Lashley was mistakingly sent to Deorick Williams of Tallahassee Florida who happened to be with his brother Dennis.

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Deorick and Dennis decided to celebrate with them, even bringing a present for Cason.

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And, true to their word, they did, welcoming a child into the world with uncommon grace and kindness.

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Deorick and Dennis: you guys are the best.

On behalf of humanity, thank you. 

Congratulations to the Lashleys on the birth of their son.

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