13 #WorstRoadTripEver Stories That Seriously Earned Our Respect

We all have one.

We've all had those disaster vacations. Your 2-hour flight gets delayed for 6 hours. Your little sister's favorite doll gets left behind at Denny's. A theme park character kicks you really hard in the kneecap. These things happen, and they make for pretty great stories once the tears and lawsuits are over.

Jimmy Fallon loves a good vacation disaster story, and he asked viewers to tweet him their #WorstRoadTripEver. Check out the inspirational results below.

1. Safety first.

2. GPS time.

3. Define "weapon."

4. At least he's polite?

5. Spend wisely.

6. We all need a break.

7. Free Halloween costume.

8. Good Samaritans.

9. Something like that.

10. Instant karma.

11. Every man for himself.

12. It's not the destination, it's the journey.

13. The munchies.