These Mothers Are Passing On 100-Year-Old Advice That Is Still Relevant Today

"Think twice, speak once."

In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day holiday, Glamour magazine asked some women to pass along advice they had gotten from their own mothers.

In the video Glamour produced, each daughter is seen holding a handwritten sign bearing her mother's words. The women whose advice is being remembered were all born between 1896-1912. These viewpoints may have originated 100 years ago, but their wisdom is timeless. 

"Always follow your first mind." Born: 1905

"Never sit on any man's lap." Born: 1896

"No booze, no dope, just be good." Born: 1896

"Think twice. Speak once." Born: 1912

"Whenever you want... just dance away." Born: 1912

"If you lie, you'd better have a good memory." Born: 1907

After discussing the lessons they've learned from their own mothers, these women handed out pearls of wisdom to the new mothers of today:

-Learn from your babies. If you're paying attention, you'll know how to take care of them.

-You need to take care of your child, but you need to take care of yourself too!

-Don't wear headphones when spending time with your children. The more you talk to your kids, the more they learn.

Watch the full video here:

Which of these pieces of advice do you feel is most relevant today? What lessons have you learned from your mother that you'd like to pass on to the next generation? Let us know in the comments!

[Images via: YouTube/Glamour Magazine]