6 Women Explain Why They Love Their Stretch Marks

You've earned your tiger stripes.

Stretch marks used to be feared, but with more women coming out in support of their tiger stripes (lookin' at you, Chrissy Teigen), they're on their way to becoming another part of our bodies that just are

But these affirmations didn't happen overnight. 

In a BuzzFeed video, six women give the lowdown on when they first discovered their marks and how they felt about them in those moments. Of course, the reactions ranged from confused to dislike, but over time, they learned to embrace the skin that they were in. 

From giving birth to a whole new life to feeling like they've earned their woman-ness, the ladies below explain why they love their stretch marks. 

Maybe after reading what they think, you will, too. 







Check out the women (and their stretch marks!) in the full video below:

Why do you love yours?

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