There's A Good Reason Why This Man Has Collected More Than 700 Teddy Bears

He's holding on to something else that's more important.

Witold Danielewicz, who lives in Wolica, Poland, has been collecting teddy bears since he was a child. Since that time, he's amassed a collection of more than 700 stuffed animals.

His wife, Danuta, helps him take care of his collection — everything from cleaning the toys to stitching them up.

Witold reveals that there's more to his stockpile of cuddly toys and it was Danuta that helped him keep his focus.

"It's better that you collect teddy bears than lovers," he says, noting that he's an "obedient" husband who's devoted his energy to his toy collection rather than more, ahem, adulterous pursuits.

Check out the video above to see his massive collection.

Cover image: Dimitar Sotirov /

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