Watch A Pup And A Human Grow Up Side-By-Side In Deliciously Strange Photos

Cuteness overload.

"One dog. One baby. Who wore it better?" writes mother and photographer Jesse Holland on her Tumblr blog, handfulsoftrouble, that features an endearing photo series we just can't get enough of.

For 100 days, Holland photographed her baby, Ella, beside her dog, Charlie, sporting matching outfits and growing up together, right before the camera's lens.

"I started a personal project photographing my dog and kid in the same setting. This was mostly started an excuse to make myself laugh. Hopefully it will also make you smile," Holland writes on her website.

In one of the photos, Ella and Charlie rock an owl hat:

"It was cute on her, and I thought I would see what our dog, Charlie, looked like with it on. He was NOT impressed with it, but I was on the floor laughing at his sad reaction," Holland tells Buzzfeed.

The photos show Ella and Charlie through outdoor adventures, nap time, and play time.

All the while, the photos are evidence a baby's growth and development within a family over the course of 100 days — and it's beautiful.

They just couldn't be more adorable. Here are 10 of our favorites...











Fore more, be sure to follow Holland on Instagram, Tumblr, or through her website.

(H/T: EliteDaily)

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